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Remember The Crush Entry?
Remember The Parallel You Entry?

Let's have another, shall we?

I wish I could remember what memory I associate this video with. I just can't seem to put my finger on it, but it's always there. My brain doesn't work the best, particularly when it comes to memory, so chances are that it's gone forever, which leaves a very weird feeling.

Have a listen, then keep going.

I remember that this song has a memory associated with it, but I don't remember what, so I've just got this wave of nostalgia and a hole in my heart that won't ever be filled with anything. Empty associations and feelings like a punch in the heart.

So here's my question...

What's the memory that is conjured when you think about memories?
For better or worse, what's the one that always comes to mind?

Is it the first time you kissed her?
Is it the first time he hit you?
Is it when you finally made it, when you finally knew you'd succeeded?
Is it when you touched down in that new country and knew you belonged?
Is it the time you knew you'd never see him again?
Is it the time you knew you never wanted to see her again?
Is it something as simple as that time you were on the swings at the park in spring and the day lasted forever?
Is it something so complex that it would take hours to explain every detail?

What is the memory that's so stuck in you that it will never leave, whether you want it to or not?

Good or bad, we want to know The Truth, and I want to know what others think when they hear it.

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Also, both of those previous entries are still open for comments.



Somebody has to start..
Tags: audience participation, memories, the truth
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