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Ladies and gentlemen and internauts of all sizes...

Welcome to...

It's the "Holiday Season" and everybody needs gifts for their friends and family.
It's the "Holiday Season" and starving artists are extra-starving because they need gifts for friends and family.




1) PIMP ART THAT YOU HAVE FOR SALE - Doesn't matter what kind of art you make. I don't care if you've got a novel or mini-comics or original art or t-shirts or poop-sculptures or whatever. Doesn't matter if you already make money off of your art. I want to hear about it and so does the public, whether they know it or not,

2) PIMP ONLY ART THAT IS FOR SALE - I make frequent pimpings in my LJ about art and writing and so on that I think you should know about, so I'll cover that another time. This day is for people to--WITH LUCK--make a little cash or get some awesome shit. By shit I mean art...unless your art is poop-sculpture (see above), in which case I mean both,

3) PIMP YOUR ART IN THE COMMENTS SECTION - Make sure that you make an individual comment to the entry itself! This way people skimming the comments can see your stuff. If you make a response to somebody else's comment with your art, it will probably get compressed as the day goes on and will no longer be visible. A good comment will, ideally, have a photo of your art, a link to your website, how much people can expect to pay for your art, how people can pay for your art, and whether or not you will accept other art in trade, i.e. a minicomic for a minicomic,

4) PIMP YOUR ART ONLY ONCE - Multiple comments will be probably deleted, unless you've got a correction to make to an earlier comment. If you positively horribly must have something in the comments that you totally forgot the first time, let me know and we'll try to get it in if it's not just more photos of more stuff but rather a real update that people need to know. I'd prefer that people take a little time crafting their comment to having to allow tons of comments from single individuals,

5) PIMP THIS ENTRY TO YOUR FRIENDS - The more that people hear about this, the more likely your art is to sell, the more likely art of others is to sell, the more likely that penguins will strike ice fish from bel--no, that was the special I watched last night on PBS. But, yeah, tell people about this whether you have art in it or not,

6) COME BACK TO THIS ENTRY TODAY AND TOMORROW AND SO ON - Since this entry will be constantly updated, there will be more stuff to see all the time. I'll have a few reminders, including at least one tomorrow, one over the weekend and one on Monday. If you get tired of the reminders, the Sit-n-Spin is in the corner, as is the raggedy butt-plug,

7) ANONYMOUS COMMENTS ARE ENABLED - This is for anybody who swings by but doesn't have an LJ...which will happen if you obey Rule 5. If you're commenting anonymously, simply follow the instructions in Rule 3, just add who you are and be very specific about contact information, et cetera,

Possibly the most important of all...

BUY SHIT!!! - Obviously not everybody is going to be able to buy shit. I'm cool with that. But if you see something that's reasonable and you have a little extra cash from that trick you turned at 3 a.m. then consider using it for a good cause. If you see a good book or a good poop sculpture, buy it. You'll probably not regret it.

My monkeys, the event begins now!

Get to work, give us your art, come back frequently, have a drink for lunch today, and happy-motherfucking-hunting!


Your Internet Monkey King
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