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benjamin sTone

NEW ART: Pick it up, pick it up, seriously my brain came out of my mouth

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S’up, kids?

Got another Whodorable for you:

Pick it up! Pick it up! My brain fell out of my mouth!

Honestly, I only count The Littlest Cyberman as the other completed one; Daw’vros was just a sketch for a concept I couldn’t get quite right. I’ll be re-approaching him soon.

Can’t guarantee a new Wizard’s Lesson page this week, but I can definitely assure that you’ll get at least one next week, as well as another post.

Oh, also, My Favorite Robot has a new cocktail entry up on her personal blog, Snack the Knife. It’s a good one. Like, seriously, you should read it. We listened to some AWKWARD music for reference….

Somebody tell me a story.



REMINDER: This comic will leave personal copyright on June 11th, 2024.

Tags: art, doctor who, ska
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