February 23rd, 2019


INTRO: What is this STRANGE NEW PLACE?! [sticky post]


Cute Boy
This is going to be a sticky post at the top of my LJ, giving people some content info.

Regular features that people seem to enjoy:

  Fuckbrain Comix shows you, with my special kind of "art," the inside of my brainmeats: Tourette's Syndrome, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, and maybe one or two others. Maybe you'll learn something.

  People are happy because I eat strange foods So You Don't Have To.

  Things I Can't /Draw is exactly what it says on the tin, from Inappropriate Comix to Hero / Villain-A-Day Every-Few-Months to the aformentioned Fuckbrain Comix.

  The Continuing Adventures of Sir Reginald are here, from my original stories to loads of art and comic adaptations by awesome people.

  The Truth will emerge, about your sexuality, drugs, kinks and fetishes, crushes, the parallel universe you, and that memory you'll never lose. Anonymous commenting with no IP logging is enabled for these entries.

  Toys in the Bookstacks is me having fauxmetti fun with my 3.4 billion toys and the library where I work.

  Five Questions are what I want from you. Maybe I'll even answer them someday.

  Audience partipation is strongly encouraged.

  Photos Of My Life may also be requested.

I think other stuff happens, too.

Photos pre-April 2008 might be broken due to a Flickr fuck-up. I'm slowly fixing it.

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Enjoy your stay and tell your fucking friends.


Your Internet Monkey King

PS -
What the hell just came out of my ass?