benjamin sTone (benchilada) wrote,
benjamin sTone

Where aren't you now?

Time for another one like The Crush Entry.

I know you love your kids.
I know you love your lover, your husband, your wife.
I know that you love your friends.

But…we’ve all got that desire in the back of our heads, right? That thing that says “This isn’t where I want to be," or at least, "You know what else I could be doing?” It’s far more complex than that, since so many of us are happy or at least okay with our lives, but it’s there in all of us. You cannot deny it.

In that parallel universe in your head, you’re somewhere else. You’re someone else. A place where everybody you love and care about is still safe and loved and cared about, but you’ve not known them, or you’ve known them in a different way. Do you understand? Everybody in your “real” life is fine in this other world, but you…you’re different.

You could just say, "I'm happy with how everything is now." But there's that other life, isn't there?



Tell me where Parallel Universe You is right now.

EDIT: Feel free to be completely "King of the Moon" fictional about this, but I'm most interested in the REAL scenarios. The ones you dwell on some nights...

Are you in Italy, running a bakery?
Are you in Spain, just living life, working and then going home to your cat and your dark-skinned lover every night?
Did you never leave the big city?
Did you not blow college by doing too many drugs?
Did you decide to go ahead and blow college by doing too many drugs?
Did you have sex with more people? Less?
Did you take that big risk and succeed…or did you not take it, so you wouldn’t fail?
Did you choose a different person, a different job, a different path?

Me? I’ll just give you a small taste.

Like Real Universe Benjamin, Parallel Universe Benjamin saw his first John Woo movie in 1995. He can’t remember whether it was A Better Tomorrow, or Hard-Boiled, or The Killer, but he saw it. And his mind wasn’t just blown, it was kicked a few nanometers to the side.

I don’t know if he finished college or if he just went to Hong Kong and learned Cantonese by having it brutally ingrained in his head through daily life over months and years. He lives there now, making a decent living writing screenplays for Tsui Hark and Johnnie To. He lives in a respectable apartment. He might be alone, apart from his cats, or he might have found somebody. He has his books and his toys and his DVDs and every day when he steps out into the street, it’s like a new world all over again. Heh. You should see the things he eats.

And man, you should hear what his vacations are like.

I.P. logging is off, Anonymous Comments are enabled, so now it's your turn. Tell us the truth. All of it.

“Now John at the bar is a friend of mine,
 He gets me my drinks for free,
 And he’s quick with a joke or to light up your smoke,
 But there’s someplace that he’d rather be.
 He says, ‘Bill, I believe this is killing me,’
 As the smile ran away from his face.
 ‘Well I’m sure that I could be a movie star,
 If I could get out of this place.” – “Piano Man” - Billy Joel

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