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benjamin sTone

Hey there, everybody.

This entry is being locked for posterity.

Regrettably LJ doesn't allow me to freeze all comments and leave them visible, so they're all going to be hidden. They're still here, but none of us can see them.

A lot of things went wrong with this entry, and since I posted it the first bullet should be aimed at me.

Apologies to all who were hurt, offended, insulted, et cetera by anything done by me or by anybody else in the comments section or in any other entry by anybody.

This is not an apology for this entry as a whole, it's an apology for things I did wrong or could have done better. It's also an apology from me on behalf of those who can't or won't do it themselves.

Mistakes were made and I'm locking those mistakes away for right now.

I've taken away what I need to, I hope. If not, I hope I get learn the rest of it soon.

Any comments to this entry in other places, i.e. other posts of mine, will be deleted without comment.
I will also be making no other comments anywhere else about this entry.

I hope I've learned something. I think I have. I hope some other people did too.

I'm the last one out the door, so I'll get the lights.


benjamin sTone

A banned cartoon.
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