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The Truth: Sexuality

Everybody has it, my friends, and WE want to hear about YOURS.
Yep, it's time for another installment of The Truth.

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I want to hear about you.

How do you identify?

Gay? Straight? Bi? Queer? Undecided? Chubby-chaser? Ass-man? Size queen? Latino-lover? Bear? Furry? (see what I did there?)

Are you a guy who only bangs girls or are you a guy who only bangs girls but occasionally gets an inexplicable desire to suck a dick?

Are you a woman who desperately wishes she liked other women sexually?

Are you a closeted gay man or a “college bisexual” woman?

Do you swing? Are you polyamorous? Polygamous? Monogamous? Omnigamous?

Do you have sexual feelings that you don’t voice, are scared to voice, would never voice?

Would you rather have oral than penetrative sex? Vice versa?

Are you trapped in something—a body, a relationship, a category—that offends you or holds you back?

Do you need to have something in particular happen or be present to really get to it?
What is sex to you, what is your sexuality to you?

What is sex to you, what is your sexuality to you?

I’ve always been fascinated with concepts of sexuality and the vast expanse of sexual desires and wants and needs, so lay yours out on the table, so to speak. All of it.


I'm queer.

I'm equally attracted to males and females and every notch in-between.

As some of you know, I despise looking in mirrors. I don’t like the way I look and I don’t ever look like what I look like in my head. It’s clear from my reflection that I’m male—facial structure, beard, et cetera—but I have a hard time thinking of myself as a “guy.” It’s insanely difficult to explain. I just feel like a person, you know? That my sexual organs include a penis sometimes feels secondary. I look at people as people. There's just some shit that I'll never be able to explain, even to myself.

I don’t have any particular body part—i.e. breasts, arms, ass—that I focus on when I look at people in a sexual way.
I like to think that there isn’t anything physical that automatically turns me off from people, but who knows?
I really like when girls dress like boys.
I really like when boys dress like girls.
Smiles turn me on.
Amateur porn does it for me about ten times more than the professional stuff.
Fake breasts usually scare me.
I don't care if you shave everything or nothing, but the latter is less-preferred.
Posthuman/cybernetic things are attractive to me.
I wish I looked good in drag. I recently discovered that I can pull some off, and it felt fantastic.
God DAMN I enjoy performing oral sex.
Some days I swish, some days I swagger.

There’s something about tight, non-meatmarket clothes, and any clothes that make you look happy and comfortable.
You are always sexier to me if you feel like you’re sexy, but don’t mistake arrogance and ego for confidence and that indefinable spark.

I’m always up for trying something new.

I think you're pretty.

If you have questions, ask away; I'll answer nearly everything.

So there you have some-but-not-all about me…

…what about YOU?

IP logging is off, anonymous commenting is enabled.

Insults, et al, will be deleted.

Tell your friends to come by and comment. Return to this entry every so often to read and comment on what others have to say.

Talk to us…


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